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Increase your Value. Raise your prices.

World class educators and successful photographers show you exactly how they went from $700 weddings off of craigslist ads to booking well over $10,000 weddings. You can take years to learn the hard way like they did, or you can use this as a platform to jump years ahead!




Everything in one place, walking you step by step how to run a thriving photography business that stands out from the rest.



Work on assignements that are directly related to your business with feedback from staff on ways to make better.

Examples: Create business plan, create pricing page, 3 branding words, website reviews, photos using flash...

mobile devices

ONLINE - Watch anywhere. Anytime. 

All of the content is video-based, so you can watch your courses while you are travelling or in bed in your pjs.



Become a certified professional photographer when you've completed earning you a badge, certificate and recognition from your clients.

Pen and paper


The academy classes are filmed both in a classroom setting, as well as real examples of shooting couples on location and even at a real wedding!



One of the student's favorite part is the community of photograpers they are part of to challenge you, build you up and give advice when you need it!


"I don't know if my pricing is set up in a way to attract couples and make me the money I deserve or need"

"I wonder if there is a better way to run a meeting to lead to more bookings"

"I'd love to show up to a wedding day 100% confident with my settings, posing and lighting!"

"I don't understand why other photographers book more weddings than me and at a higher price"

"I wish I knew how to shoot better in a dark reception. I'm scared that my images won't turn out well"

A lot of photographers are making things up as they go, spending time and money on the wrong things.

The instructors at The Academy spent years refining their businesses to the successful levels they are today and they share all of their secrets to what works best for them in their courses!

Karen Gilvear (Sydney, Australia)

The Academy has been amazing! Not only has it reinforced the positive things I was already doing in my business, but also gave me the confidence to change things that weren't perfect. By breaking down specific segments of my business, The Academy was not only able to highlight areas where I was able to develop, but also gave me practical ideas on how to implement the changes. I've seen the results both financially and within our personal relationships with our brides & grooms!

BEFORE: 20 Weddings at a $1,500 average ($30,000 Gross)

AFTER: 40 Weddings at a $4,000 average ($160,000 Gross)

Cinnamon Wolfe (New Jersey)

If you are looking to be a successful full-time wedding photographer this is probably the best educational resource out there. The amount of information covered, partnered with the ability to go at your own pace, is really second to none when it comes to this type of education in our field. I love that all of the instructors are approachable and open with what has worked for them. The facebook group associated with the Academy is probably one of the best, most encouraging and helpful groups I have been a part of. If you are looking to increase bookings, increase pricing and get clients who are a dream to work with, this is the complete package...exactly what you need!

BEFORE: $1,500 average booking

AFTER: $4,000 average booking

Misty Christensen (Washington)

The greatest difference in my business and shooting since joining The Academy has been being more confident because I now have the knowledge to be better!

I love how all of our instructors are just so genuine. It really is fun to be a part of this group, of not only them, but the peers and others out there that are so willing to help each other!!!

** Misty is now speaking at conferences, teaching other photographers how to shoot!

BEFORE: $800 average booking

AFTER: $3,000 average booking (Doubled her bookings)

Brian Bossany (Minnesota)

Here is a quick update on how life has been after the academy! I graduated from the Academy over a year ago and my business has continued to grow. last year we photographed 40 weddings and by implanting a lot of the practices taught in the Academy our 2017 calendar was completely full in October of 2016. We have 40 weddings on the books for 2017 and we just booked number 8 for 2018. All of this takes time. If we do this right, each year snowballs into the next building momentum. This is a great time of year to cast goals and vision for yourself and your business! The academy really helped me fine tune a lot in our business!

"I have learned so much from the Academy!!! Not only from posing, lighting and image composition, but also how to show a moment in an image that really means something and connects with people! I never would have been able to shoot how I do now. I'm still growing and learning with the Academy and I love it!"

 - Michelle Hoffman




The courses at the Academy are comprehensive video classes that will help you master your craft and business. Each course contains 7-10 hours of video instruction, along with practical assignments to help you understand and implement the material.

There are 4 business based courses and 4 Image based courses:


  • Business Planning
  • Legalities & Finances
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Client Service & Management
  • Client Meetings
  • Work/Life Balance


  • Unique, Personal Brand
  • Brand Consistency
  • Your Brand Experience
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Blog momentum


  • Getting the Meeting
  • Sell Without Selling
  • The Engagement Session 
  • Client Experience
  • Post Wedding Workflow
  • BONUS : REAL WEDDING “Behind the Scenes”


  • Building Word of Mouth
  • Your Ideal Client
  • Client Meetings
  • Vendors/Venue Relationships
  • Social Media & Blog
  • Website critiques


  • Essential Equipment
  • 3 Steps To Perfect Exposure
  • Balancing Natural & Artificial Light
  • Positioning Your OCF
  • Posing Your Subjects


  • Live Shooting Demos
  • Shooting Outdoors & Indoors
  • Evening Shooting Demos
  • Creativity & Composition
  • Posing Games & Ideas


  • Camera Bodies & Lenses
  • Mastering Manual Mode
  • Using Flash
  • Posing Individuals & Couples
  • Entire Wedding Day Shooting
  • Composition & Artistry 


  • Storage & Handling of Images
  • Culling & Tagging
  • Editing in Lightroom
  • Essentials of Photoshop
  • Album Design & Products


Wouldn't you want to join these awesome photographers?


You deserve recognition for your efforts in building your business. Your certification as a professional photographer can be displayed on your website & social media, in your home or studio, or any other ways that you want to be able to show your validation in this industry.

Showing potential clients (And your parents for that matter) that you are a certified professional photographer will instantly build value and confidence in your services and in you as a person.


These awesome companies have offered amazing bonuses to all Academy Certificate Program students. As you'll see, the value of these bonuses add up to more than the cost of the registration!


Find the solution that fits your needs. Do you want the credentials of being a certified wedding photographer? Do you just need a business boost to have an amazing year

Remember that there's a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee available for all purchases!

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100% Money Back Guarantee

We've put in a lot of time and jam-packed this program with as much value as we could. We are confident that you will love it, and see huge changes in your business. We've seen so much growth in the certificate students over the past years, and want that for you as well.

Best case scenario - You achieve your goals and build the business of your dreams faster than you ever could have on your own.

Worst case scenario - You find that things aren't working out for you and you get your money back, and you get to keep the friends you've made!

"'I'm not sure I can afford this program, how do I know it's worth it?

We fully understand that this program is an investment, but the VALUE of this program is far greater than the price. The results we have seen in our students has been remarkable.

Josiah & Stephanie Blizzard were shooting 11 weddings per year at an average of $1,500.

In 2015, they invested in the program and are now booking 25+ weddings at an average of $3,250. That $997 investment turned into a difference of $64,750 of income over 1 year.

I would argue that you can't afford NOT to take this program!

“I believe whole-heartedly that The Academy is a HUGE return on investment. I had 6 weddings booked when I started four months ago, and now I have 20! Huge thanks to The Academy!"

- Laura Neff

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