What is Turn it Up?


Can't travel to the big photography conferences?
Are you tired of looking at blank dates on your calendar? Need to book more?
Maybe you're just missing a few key ingredients to your success!

If you want to TURN IT UP in your business, this conference will teach you how to:

    -   Make your work look like it's worth TWICE as much
    -   Market successfully through social media
    -   Make more profit running your business like a CEO
    -   Set yourself apart from other photographers
    -   Master Facebook and Instagram

    -   Overcome the challenges of being a young entreprenuer
    -   Maximize your profits with solid pricing

The Turn it Up Conference is your chance to learn from industry leading photographers from the comfort of your own home! No more travel, hotel, taxis...just pajamas and your couch!

Too busy?? Can't Make it??

If you are unable to watch any of the dates of the conference, you can purchase access to videos, AND you'll receive exclusive access to the BONUS Q&A sessions! After you register, purchase the Backstage Pass to get access.



3 New Sessions every day!

The 3 videos for each day will be available from 9:00am that day until 8:59am the next day to allow ample time for people in all time zones.

Stream for FREE at any point during the time they're available, or purchase a BackStage Pass to have lifetime access to the videos, as well as exclusive access to bonus Q&A video with each speaker!

Monday, Sept 19th

Tuesday, Sept 20th

Wednesday, Sept 21st

Thursday, Sept 22nd

These interview style sessions will be hosted by Matt Kennedy, and will dive into what helped these photographers succeed in their businesses, and how you can as well. You will also have the opportunity to add exclusive access to Q&A sessions with all 12 speakers that will get down to the nitty gritty and more practical steps you can start to use RIGHT NOW!


Thursday at 5:30pm PST (8:30pm EST) 
with Matt & Carissa Kennedy
 "Shhhhh.....Secrets to a Six-Figure Income"




  • Monday, September 19th:
  • Katelyn James: Getting your post-wedding workflow dialed in!
  • Courtney Slazinik: Winning the Facebook game
  • Jared Bauman: Getting more clients from the ones you already have
  • Tuesday, September 20th:
  • Justin & Mary Marantz: How to make more profit running your business like a CEO
  • Hope Taylor: Overcoming the challenges of being a young entrepreneur
  • Phillip & Eileen Blume: Maximizing your income with In-Person Sales
  • Wednesday, September 21st:
  • Amy & Jordan Demos: Make your work look like it's worth twice as much!
  • Jesse & Becky Morquecho: Using Instagram & Facebook ads successfully
  • Vanessa Joy: 3 Keys to branding yourself for High End weddings
  • Thursday, September 22nd:
  • Jerry Ghionis: How to create a successful business that lasts!
  • Natalie Franke: Successful marketing through social media
  • Jody Gray: Balancing your business and your life
  • Thursday at 5:30pm PST (8:30pm EST) 
  • Matt & Carissa Kennedy:  Shhhhh.....Secrets to a Six Figure Income
  • Friday, September 23rd:
  • Matt Kennedy: Closing Session and Live Q&A


  • 12 Exclusive Q&A sessions with the speakers are available to Backstage Pass holders only. These session dive deeper into the topic of the main session, as well as into other topics that are hugely relavant to you as a photographer! You can sign up for the Backstage Pass after your free registration.
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    "This has been a gift! It's been amazing learning from people in the industry who are passionate, selfless, savvy, lovers of people who believe that this business is more than just making images!" - Morgan
  • "This conference has given me major direction and VISION for my business!" - Larissa

  • "You could say that I have been a student of online webinars for the past two years, but this conference the best I've ever been to! The practical advice and meaning behind WHY it's important to implement such steps leaves me with pages of notes to put into practice!" - Tara

What is the Academy?

8 Jam Packed Classes Including:

Branding for Wedding Photographers - Katelyn James
Off-Camera Flash Photography - Matt Kennedy
Marketing for Wedding Photographers - Justin & Mary
Editing & Post-Production - Matt Kennedy
Complete Wedding Client Process - Amy & Jordan
Business for Wedding Photographers - Matt & Carissa
Natural Light Creative Photography - Montana Dennis
Knowing Your Camera & Posing - Chris Mortensen

The Academy is the best educational institution for wedding photographers looking to make something out of their wedding business. You get a professional certification after completing the courses, and you get to do it all from the comfort of your own home, and on your own time!

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You Don't Like Free Stuff??

This Conference is going to be amazing, and it's totally FREE to watch! 


When can I watch the videos?

The Videos will be available as of 9:00am EST on the day they are scheduled, and you can stream then anytime from then until 8:59am EST the following day. You can re-watch them as much as you'd like within that timeframe.

If you can't make time to watch the videos during that time, you can purchase lifetime access to them so you don't miss out on the info. The Backstage Pass gives you this access, as well as the BONUS Q&A's and the Game Changers e-Book.

What if I have to leave half way through?

You can pause the videos and continue later, or watch again anytime in the availability window. Or you can have access forever through the backstage pass.

How can I download these videos?

The Backstage Pass is the only way to have access to download the videos. And it also includes access to the Bonus Q&A videos and E-Book.

What are they speakers going to cover?

Check out the Details section to see an overview statement about what they're going to be talking about. The sessions are done interview style, and the speaker will talk about their own story as well as tips for you and your business.


Yes! We're excited to be able to bring these awesome speakers right into your living room, and it won't cost you a dime, just your time! If you would like access to these videos on your own time outside of this timeframe, and want the bonus videos, you can purchase access to those. You do not have to purchase anything to attend the conference.

I Signed up but haven't received the emails! How do I access the videos?

Thank you for signing up for the conference! It's very important to ensure that you're receiving the emails from us, as the emails are the only place that will contain the links to watch the conference. Here are a few things you can do:

Search your email for any emails from info@onlinephotoacademy.com or matt@onlinephotoacademy.com

Search your email for any emails from "Turn it Up Conference", "Matt Kennedy" or "The Academy"

Look in your SPAM FOLDER and your PROMOTIONS TAB (Gmail users) for the emails. They are often in a place that is hard to find as the email system considers them spam until you've shown that you want them.

Once you find them, DRAG THEM TO YOUR INBOX so we are placed on your safe list. You can also reply to the email with a quick "hi" so we're placed on your safe list as well.

If you can't find them, try signing up with a different email address, or emailing info@onlinephotoacademy.com to get help. Thanks!